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At BOM we are proud of our business and the clients we partner with. We will form a partnership with you to be proud of. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to join us at the Bristol and South West Awards, we love hosting and networking with personality!
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Community of Purpose (Logo)

2020 Sponsored by BOM IT Solutions: People first! IT's covered!

BOM IT Solutions have the pleasure to be involved with the Community of Purpose Bristol Young Heroes 2020 awards.

About Community of Purpose

Community of Purpose work to transform the lives and futures of young people across Bristol and beyond. Community of Purpose believe that everyone can contribute meaningfully to economic and social development if they are given the right support and opportunities.

Community of Purpose work with individuals, families and communities, empowering them to identify what is needed to transform their lives and then supporting them to take action. Often acting as a link between communities and the local authorities and voluntary sector providers such as the police, social workers and teachers, Community of Purpose develop activities and services to build aspirations and confidence and tackle inequality. Many of their projects use sport and physical activities to bring about social change.

Community of Purpose work closely with businesses like BOM IT Solutions, supporting them to understand the valuable role they can play in the community.

Projects are focused on supporting communities that are seen as culturally, economically and geographically disadvantaged.

Community of Purpose Key Features:

  • Values – Our alarm clocks aren’t the only thing that wake us up in the morning – we wake up with a purpose! We want to create an organisation that we are all proud of, by working to a set of values that reflect who we are and what we believe in.
  • Be responsible – We keep our promises, are mindful of our impact on our community and environment, and always try to leave things a little better than we found them.
  • Be true – We find the courage to keep being ourselves, and we inspire others by showing them how talented, smart and capable they are.
  • Be passionate – We work hard for the things that we care about; we are committed to making our communities healthy, happy and prosperous.
  • Be entrepreneurial – We seek out opportunities, imagine the possibilities and boldly take action. We keep an eye on the numbers to ensure we can sustain and increase our work and continue to deliver for our communities.
  • Be generous – We help each other out, take time to say thank you, and donate our time, resources and money where we can to help those who need it more.
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History of our involvement

Our Focus

With our focus on business systems integration and alignment to world leading vendors, BOM has deployed many solutions over a prolonged and successful history. Keeping up with continual IT change and expanding a range of technologies, we have become the leading, preferred and often sole IT partner for many South West & Wales businesses.


Investing in technology and recruitment

At BOM we have seen significant changes in our business in recent years. We have weathered the commercial storms of recession and have made significant personnel investment across all areas of our business. We are proud to continue to strengthen and grow.

Extensive portfolio of products and services

Offering an extensive portfolio of products and services, we have developed many solutions to suit any type of business.

Service transitions

Our recent focus has been on supporting businesses with the transition from Microsoft 2003 server, Exchange 2003 and Windows XP to the newer versions of Microsoft 2008/2012 server. We have also supported the Exchange components for email with Windows 7 and most recently Windows 8.

Best pricing

BOM’s procurement team have an extensive range of supplier relationships, ensuring the best pricing is gained to offer the most comprehensive solutions.

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