Connectivity Telecoms: performance now and in the future

BOM can InTeract with you to plan your DATA investment, helping you to understand where you’re heading and ensuring that your connectivity allows for this evolution.

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We're Upstream

Our systems enable us to beat standard carrier lead times for additional changes and for any new operational requirements you might have.

Easy billing and management: BOM connectivity solutions come with full cost centre billing, enhanced reporting and monitoring platforms, to ensure access and control.

We are the best of many at delivering a unified experience. Try the BOM Virtual Telecoms Division.


Solution led

Solution led, based on your business needs and objectives.


Maximise productivity & efficiency

Adopt the most appropriate, streamlined and simplified technology and services to maximise productivity and efficiency for you and your team.


Working remotely - anywhere, anytime

Managing your telecoms eco-system – from desktop handsets to mobile phone contracts- so that your staff can perform to the same levels wherever they are.


Shaping strategic solutions

InTeracting with your team and stakeholders through our experienced BOM personal approach, we will unearth the challenges and demands your various teams face, shaping solutions in tandem with your strategic drivers.


Under one roof

The BOM service will keep everything under one roof for you, something many larger providers are unable to offer. Our ‘people first and IT’s covered’ outlook ensures we put you first.

Keeping your business ON! Operational and maximised whatever the network

Whatever your network, our tailored solution is designed to fit YOUR business best. It’ll keep the business operational and will maximise your business’ potential.


Cost control

Complete transparency and cost centre management.


Flexible and competitive

Flexible data plans at market leading prices plus flexible contract terms.


Best of multiple networks

1 commercial plan = 1 bill. You can bring together users on multiple networks on the same commercial plan, and you’ll be billed through a single invoice.


Mobile voice recording

Ensure accountability, appropriate usage and consistent client service across your user group with mobile voice recording.



Full suite of hosted and on-premise voice solutions, delivering flexibility, control and accessible, friendly support.


Agnostic tech - don't pay for features you don’t need!

We are platform agnostic specialists, rest assured that our advice is entirely without bias.


Upstream response

Our BOM integrated systems beat standard network lead times for new connections, moves, add-ons and changes.


Bespoke roaming

Control usage costs for users outside the UK with bespoke roaming arrangements.


Remote control

Enroll new devices into your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure misplaced mobile devices. You can manage a diverse fleet of Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows PC/RT and Windows Phone devices from BOM’S single management console.


Trusted and reliable

BOM is an established and trusted mobile partner of all mobile networks.


Flexible terms and price plans

Our agility enables us to offer flexibility of terms and price plans that the large providers simply can’t match. We’ll help you assess your needs, and choose a price plan that delivers you maximum value, such as unlimited call bundles, or contract terms as short as 30 days.


Solutions for all sized businesses

From SMEs that require simple call routing, right up to call centre services and enterprise requirements.

BOM’s Unified Communications

Unified Communications. This term can mean different things to different people

The Unified Communications we offer at BOM means that you can have an integrated system of instant messaging, presence, audio, video and web conferencing, telephony and voicemail. You can talk to anyone in your organisation anytime from anywhere, whilst improving management and potentially reducing costs.



With mobile devices becoming ever present in life, schemes for BYOD or CYOD (Bring Your Own Device / Choose Your Own Device) lead businesses to look to streamline communications securely.


In an increasingly mobile world, why would you do it any other way?

  • Improved productivity
  • Lower communication costs
  • Reduced business expenditure
  • Enable remote working

At BOM, we offer a U C Review

We will give your organisation an in-depth understanding of how products like Microsoft Lync, Microsoft 365 and surrounding technologies work with each other to create a perfectly tailored business solution for you.

Polycom Video Conferencing

In addition to the features of MS Lync, we also continue to offer video conferencing products through global leader Polycom, who continually strives to be at the forefront of the audio-visual industry, shaping the evolution of meeting room solutions.

As a long-established partner we deliver world-class solutions from the smallest to the largest of organisations. Our solutions are uniquely set up to take care of the entire end-to-end solution and to manage every aspect of your audio-visual and conferencing enterprise, from room design and build-through to training and support.

Telecoms/ Telcos

At BOM we have partnered with the country’s leading telecoms specialist to provide communication services in voice, data and mobile.

We take the time to understand your requirements. With our breadth of experience we will ensure that we offer the right advice to enable you to make the best decision for your business needs.



Internet – ADSL, LLU, Leased Line or MPLS.


Mobile Voice & Mobile Data

To further complement the telecoms services, we can also deliver on-premise and cloud-based PBX/IP telephony with a choice of preferred vendors and the best of British manufactured systems, supported from within the UK.

Caring about the planet

BOM feels strongly about a cleaner environment. With the every growing market of Unified Communications we help companies to reduce their carbon footprint by enabling daily communications, conferencing and collaboration without the need for travel whilst bringing your remote workers back in to the business without the need to be there.

What our clients say

Throughout our 60 years we have helped our clients succeed through IT and Technology, covering a variety of traditional and modern business models across such industries as global catering, protection insurance and SAAS companies.

It’s a massive asset working with BOM IT Solutions and to be able to have such a flexible technology model that not only grows and supports the organisation, but also manages and controls cost at the same time.

The Flex as you Grow approach offered by BOM is a strategic alignment to the TCG price promise to our customers which is a powerful alignment of brand values. We appreciate success through people and technology and working day to day with the team at BOM with strategic conversations.

Tom Webber, IT Manager of Trade Centre UK The Trade Centre Group
Tom Webber, IT Manager of Trade Centre UK

Williams Autos have been using BOM for over 20 years, we wouldn’t look any further for the future.

As a family run business we pride ourselves on family values and support from third party companies we are involved with, similar to BOM.

Very Happy with the BOM partnership.

 Williams Autos

BOM know our systems and business inside out, for us it’s all about peace of mind.

Because of BOM we don’t need to worry about IT, we are looked after and supported. The technology and IT support just works!

We’ve been with BOM for 10 years and I still know the same people on support which has been great for continuity and a testament since we partnered and linked up our companies.

Minimal explanation is needed when issues come up with the associated software, BOM speak and work with 3rd party vendors on our behalf.


Confidence and reliability are the two key things BOM deliver for Soilfix.

Confidence is delivered with the technology systems they provide and 18 months into the relationship the service has been reliable. We find the team easy to work with, which is a great bonus.


We really are focussed on you

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