Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)


First line of defence. Industry leading Next Generation Firewall

Traditionally the firewall has been the first line of defence for any sized organisation, from SME to Enterprise and Government to protect against internal and external born threats.

With our industry leading Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), devices can be deployed in hybrid environments (on premise, Datacentres or Cloud) as physical or virtual systems.

Unified Policy Approach

Early network segmentation philosophies worked on the premise of deploying firewalls in strategic locations through the internal network to control and limit access and the movement of data.

Using the Next Generation Firewall’s single console, a unified policy can be configured across these devices to determine access rights in each segment.

The same console can be used to monitor and control:


Automated workflows


Devise protection including the Internet of Things (IoT)




Outbreak detection in the event of a breach


Web security

Maximise investment with additional next generation firewall functions

By upgrading to a Next Generation Firewall customers can also take advantage of additional benefits by turning on functions like Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS), Data Loss Protection (DLP), Anti-Virus (AV), etc.

These benefits are good additions for SME customers looking to maximise investment, while trying to reduce cost or for enterprises wishing to extend enterprise security to branch offices or cloud environments.



Provides enterprise level threat protection


Control and monitor automation workflows


Control and monitor advanced Sandboxing


Devise protection including IoT


Made for hybrid architecture


Control and deploy unified policy configuration


Detect and automate outbreak detection


Control and monitor web security

Additional service add-ons on the same NGFW devise:


Anti-Virus (AV)




Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS)


Application Control


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Many organisations only review their cyber security capabilities when a breach has already occurred. Importantly, the cost of a breach can often run into the hundreds of thousands-far outweighing the cost of proactively assessing your level of cyber security.

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