Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing is a basic requirement of any organisation, which should be conducted every 12 months as a minimum, although many cyber security professionals believe a retest should be conducted every time a change is made across the network.

This ensures there are no inherent vulnerabilities which can be exploited by an attacker.

A penetration test is a complete manual assessment of all elements of an application/system’s functionality seeking to identify the most dangerous vulnerabilities, giving an attacker the ability to rapidly move laterally through an environment with nefarious intentions.

Ethical hacking. Identifying training deficiencies

An ethical hacker will attempt to mimic the mindset of a threat actor to understand what systems and/or tools are vulnerable to certain techniques to gain a foothold in the environment. This can involve the use of phishing attacks to simulate one of the most common methods used by hackers today helping in identifying training deficiencies in users.

Penetration Test Reporting. Rectifying and mitigating risk

All penetration tests are bespoke to a clients requirements. This starts with in-depth scoping to understand what will be tested. After the project has been completed a detailed report containing an executive summary aimed at a non-technical audience is provided, which will include comprehensive advice in rectifying and mitigating risk around the issues identified.

Reasons to regularly Penetration Testing:


To protect the business from cyber attacks


To highlight weak password policies


To align the organisation with industry security standards; PCI DSS, Public Sector Network Health Checks, etc


A requirement for Cyber Security Insurance


To identify misconfiguration vulnerabilities


To highlight poorly configured authentication mechanisms


A requirement for industry and regulatory accreditation standards


To provide evidence to support increased security investments


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Many organisations only review their cyber security capabilities when a breach has already occurred. Importantly, the cost of a breach can often run into the hundreds of thousands-far outweighing the cost of proactively assessing your level of cyber security.

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