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What is business continuity & disaster recovery?

Our business continuity & disaster recovery service is all about planning and preparation of your IT to make sure it overcomes serious incidents and normal operations are resumed within a reasonable period.

This includes 3 key elements.

Resilience Symbol


Infrastructure designed so it’s materially unaffected by relevant disruptions (such as creating space capacity).

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Planned arrangements to recover and restore critical and less critical elements of the business functions.

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In the event that resilience and recovery arrangements prove inadequate, contingency preparations are an effective response.

Typical disasters that business continuity covers:








Server crashes or virus infections


Multi-locations of these disasters and the company real estates may be independent

Disaster recovery is a subset of the BOM business continuity approach

Disaster recovery involves a set of policies, tools and procedures that enable the recovery or continuation of your vital technology infrastructure and systems, following a natural or unnatural disaster.

Disaster recovery focuses on technology systems that support critical business functions.

BOM mobile disaster recovery service

The BOM mobile disaster recovery service follows a clear and consistent InTeraction consultancy process.

It begins with understanding your technical, commercial and legislative requirements and constraints.

An industry specific BOM consultant will design a bespoke solution with the assurances that it is reliable and predictable for you and your business.

BOM’s MDraaS creates an on-demand, cloud-based replica of your operational IT environment. This enables any failover to be evoked quickly and easily, in the event of a disaster.

Your own tailored disaster recovery plan will be kept up to date regularly, and is designed to reduce impact of these possible disaster events.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss designing and outsourcing your business disaster recovery plan, which includes testing and ongoing monitoring.

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