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The BOM Private Cloud provides greater flexibility and control over your private information.

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A 24/7 protective environment offering fire monitoring (gas extinguishing), full on-site and off-site security monitoring and remotely recorded CCTV (building activity for the previous six months is archived).


Environmental Credentials

The Carbon Trust was engaged in the design process for BOM’s data centre and has helped produce one of the most energy efficient data centres in the UK.


Facilities & Rackspace

Each 48U rack provides dual 16amp PDU’s routed via separate cabling and breakers to the N+1 UPS power backup systems. Generators are auto-engaged on power failure detection, with 30 minutes UPS runtime, 48 hours on-site generator runtime and generator top-up supply contracts within 12 hours.


Data Connectivity

The data centre is carrier-neutral. On-site providers include BT, Surf, and Virgin Media. Internet feeds are up to 10Gb routing to diversely to a main peering POP in London.

Our Private Cloud History

The first private cloud-hosted solution that BOM delivered was a hosted application server which a client needed for their own client to access.

The second private cloud-hosted solution that BOM offered from their data centre in Bristol was a business continuity disaster recovery solution for a client who required business continuity for their FCA compliance obligations.

When this client asked if BOM could provide an on-line backup solution in addition to the business continuity solution, it was identified that hosting both business continuity and on-line backup in the same location was not wise and that there needed to be geographical separation.

Consequently BOM searched for another data centre where BOM-owned equipment could be located.

BOM Colocation



BOM currently rent a lockable half rack of space which is very easily scaled to a three-quarter or full rack as additional equipment is added.



The very latest HP ProLiant G9 servers host client-dedicated VMGuest Backup Servers. Storage is on an HP P2000 G3 SAN with additional D2700 and P2000 (D2600) disk enclosures. Current capacity is 36TB and this is easily scaled with additional disk enclosures up to 288TB. Logical security is provisioned by a Fortigate 100D Firewall with UTM (Unified Threat Management) subscription applied.


Data Connectivity

BOM enjoy 100Mb of dedicated internet bandwidth.

On-Line Backup Solution

In almost all instances the client still retains an on-premise backup solution.

This facilitates faster restore capabilities in the event that a user, for example, needs to recover a file after deleting it.

The on-site repository is disk based, usually a NAS drive, backup server or sometimes just a static USB hard drive connected to one of the client servers.

The on-line backup solution is designed to replace the old removable tape or USB drive, which relied on manual intervention to change the tape or drive on a daily basis. This often did not occur, so maintaining an off-site backup -which is so vitally important – failed.

Our on-line backup solution is fully automated, managed and monitored by BOM.

Virtual Systems Backup

Most clients use Veeam Backup and Replication software for their on-premise backup.

Veeam has backup copy functionality and this is used to post each nightly backup to the BOM private cloud-hosted facility.

As clients have already invested in Veeam, there is no additional licensing cost for the on-line backup.

If clients use alternate on-premise backup software, BOM are happy to provision on-line backup capacity if that software has backup copy functionality.

Whilst fully managing alternate software vendors’ backup would prove difficult, BOM could still provide backup monitoring and alter client IT staff of any issues.

Physical Server Backups

BOM provide licensing for Ahsay Backup software for physical servers.

The compression algorithm this software utilises is extremely efficient and the nightly incremental backups are consequently very small, so this solution can be deployed even in relatively low bandwidth upstream situations, e.g. ADSL.

Deleted Data Retention

The on-line facility backup will only be used for restore in the event of an on-site disaster in the client’s server room or at the client premise. The main deleted data retention will be stored on the client on-premise backup solution.

Therefore as the on-line backup will only be used in exceptional circumstances, then unless there are specific requirements, BOM offer deleted data retention as follows:

14 days deleted data retention for daily backups / dynamic servers.

3-week retention for weekly backups / mainly static servers.

What our clients say

Throughout our 60 years we have helped our clients succeed through IT and Technology, covering a variety of traditional and modern business models across such industries as global catering, protection insurance and SAAS companies.

It’s a massive asset working with BOM IT Solutions and to be able to have such a flexible technology model that not only grows and supports the organisation, but also manages and controls cost at the same time.

The Flex as you Grow approach offered by BOM is a strategic alignment to the TCG price promise to our customers which is a powerful alignment of brand values. We appreciate success through people and technology and working day to day with the team at BOM with strategic conversations.

Tom Webber, IT Manager of Trade Centre UK The Trade Centre Group
Tom Webber, IT Manager of Trade Centre UK

Williams Autos have been using BOM for over 20 years, we wouldn’t look any further for the future.

As a family run business we pride ourselves on family values and support from third party companies we are involved with, similar to BOM.

Very Happy with the BOM partnership.

 Williams Autos

BOM know our systems and business inside out, for us it’s all about peace of mind.

Because of BOM we don’t need to worry about IT, we are looked after and supported. The technology and IT support just works!

We’ve been with BOM for 10 years and I still know the same people on support which has been great for continuity and a testament since we partnered and linked up our companies.

Minimal explanation is needed when issues come up with the associated software, BOM speak and work with 3rd party vendors on our behalf.


Confidence and reliability are the two key things BOM deliver for Soilfix.

Confidence is delivered with the technology systems they provide and 18 months into the relationship the service has been reliable. We find the team easy to work with, which is a great bonus.


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