Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Maturity (SVG)

The Cyber Security Maturity Model analyses an organisations cyber security and compliance requirements to establish the effectiveness of current security measures

It also evaluates whether the current position aligns with organisational maturity targets based on risk appetite, stakeholder expectations and regulatory/legal requirements.

Understanding your position highlights areas for improvement and priority of the investment required to keep your data and reputation safe.

The assessment identifies where security measures are less mature than industry accepted good practice and where efforts must be concentrated to improve the organisations posture

Customers should consider undertaking a cyber security maturity assessment if they would like to:


Create a stronger security culture within the company


Ensure that the organisation is prepared to face the evolving security threat landscape


Understand what actions must be undertaken to improve security

Independent non-technical explanation. Recommended actions, in-line with the organisations risk appetite

It is increasingly common that executives must reassure and actively provide evidence – to customers and stakeholders – that appropriate information management safeguards are in place.

Your organisations key decision makers are provided with an independent non-technical explanation of the current cyber maturity levels and recommended actions, in-line with the organisations risk appetite and desired maturity.

Areas of which will be reviewed as part of the assessment:


The organisation; including roles and responsibilities, as well as the governance in place


Data protection policies and assessments


Security policies


IT security


HR security


Business continuity management


Security event monitoring


Compliance, audit and penetration testing


The training, education and awareness programs being employed throughout the company


Security risk management


Network security


Physical security


Security incident response


Project management


Supplier assurance


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Many organisations only review their cyber security capabilities when a breach has already occurred. Importantly, the cost of a breach can often run into the hundreds of thousands-far outweighing the cost of proactively assessing your level of cyber security.

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