Identity Protection

Identity (SVG)

Regardless of the size of an organisation, business digitalisation has been embraced and is growing at an exponential rate

This is, of course, adding to the ever-increasing attack surface. From public platforms such as websites, social media and e-marketplaces, we are creating more “grey space” for threat actors to exploit.

Brand, domain and executive protection are fundamental elements to external cyber security which when combined are often categorised as digital risk protection.

Assets can be anything an organisation owns, which includes:


IP addresses


Trade secrets


Mobile applications




Domain names


Official brand social media



Dark Web Monitoring & Dark Operations

With most of the threat actor’s communication being conducted on the dark web, using this as a data source to understand what credentials &/or data is being leaked is essential to mitigate risk from adversaries.

Analysts can quickly identify planned or inflight attacks by validating the acquired data through threat actor engagements.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is one of the most important tools in a mature cyber security team, as companies are being engulfed by data and information. Data and information are not the same as intelligence, which if not appreciated, can result in poor operational output.

The platform provides on demand investigations, with intelligence feeds for botnet, phishing, financial fraud, compromised credentials, vulnerabilities, covert channels through Managed Intelligence services.

Adversary Disruption

The platform will increase operational efficiency by reducing time spent identifying, investigating and mitigating threats via automated remediation, integrated takedowns and proactive disruption actions.

Breach Response

Regardless of whether a breach is large or small, each event needs to be dealt with appropriately.

The platform will immediately notify the organisation of an incident and implement a suitable incident response, which includes identity and privacy protection of affect individuals and engaging with threat actors.


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Keeping up with continual IT change and expanding a range of technologies, we have become the leading, preferred and often sole IT partner for many South West & Wales businesses.

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We have weathered the commercial storms of recession and made significant personnel investment across all areas of our business. We are proud to continue to strengthen and grow.

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Offering an extensive portfolio of products and services, developed many solutions to suit any type of business.

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Supporting businesses with the transition from Microsoft 2003 server, Exchange 2003 and Windows XP to the newer versions of Microsoft 2008/2012 server.

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Our procurement team have an extensive range of supplier relationships, ensuring the best pricing is gained to offer the most comprehensive solutions.

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Many organisations only review their cyber security capabilities when a breach has already occurred. Importantly, the cost of a breach can often run into the hundreds of thousands-far outweighing the cost of proactively assessing your level of cyber security.

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