Dedicated servers, it’s yours

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BOM can provide you with servers and networking equipment from our private data centre in South Wales. You own the server and rent the required physical space to house it within our dedicated data centre.

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How it works

We maintain stringent levels of security over your racks and cabinets. They are secured with access controls and looked after (24/7) by our security guards.

We are efficient in our data centres at providing backups and UPS devices to protect against outages, including those caused by natural disaster, fire or flooding.


Economies of Scale

Higher levels of bandwidth at competitive cost.


Data Centre Infrastructure

Take advantage of our data centre infrastructure while maintaining control over upkeep, maintenance and configuration of your servers. You’ll also free up office space and improve your infrastructure cost-effectiveness.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

By placing servers in our data centre rather than in an on-premises communications room, our clients build in an extra layer of disaster recovery in the event of power loss, enabling them to easily recover business critical data.


Low Network Latency

Reliability is significantly higher. Greater protection from power outages and 24/7 staff on site/ on hand should problems arise.



Choosing a bespoke build allows clients to personalise their colocation plan and decide which aspects of their system they want to focus on. You can choose from a range of facilities for individual infrastructures and budgets.

BOM Head Office Infrastructure

BOM’s privately owned and run Cumulus Axis Client Hosting facility

High availability infrastructure located at BOM’s HQ in Hengrove, Bristol. The physical infrastructure of the hosting facility is very powerful and highly redundant.

Flood Prevention

There is no danger of flooding ta BOM’s Head Office. In addition to the facility’s physical security, the whole of BOM’s ground floor has steel shutters for night-time security.

Cumulus Axis

As BOM’s Cumulus Axis is an independent and privately-owned private cloud host, it allows the tailoring of specific solutions dependent on client requirement.

Air-conditioned room

Full power backup via a 48-hour run-time generator

Dual 8GB / secure Fibre fabric switches configured in high-availability mode for failover

The facility is in a windowless secure block and has a brick construction room

Inergen Fire Suppression system

Extinguishes fire by suppressing oxygen levels to a point where fire cannot combust – resulting in there being no damage to any electronic equipment in the facility.

Keypad entry system

A keypad entry system with a steel constructed secure door is the only entrance to the facility. Authorised personnel only are given the code, currently this is limited to 6 staff, 5 of whom are SC cleared by a police force.

Service Provider License Agreement

Various software vendors have a model known as an SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement). This SPLA allows BOM to lease clients Windows Server and other operating systems, so that clients can run virtual servers on BOM’s high-availability hosted virtualised infrastructure.

UPS power protection in the hosting facility for servers and other devices

Clustered NetScreen firewalls configured in high-availability mode for failover

65TB of Backup Server capacity, scalable up to 180TB

What our clients say

Throughout our 60 years we have helped our clients succeed through IT and Technology, covering a variety of traditional and modern business models across such industries as global catering, protection insurance and SAAS companies.

It’s a massive asset working with BOM IT Solutions and to be able to have such a flexible technology model that not only grows and supports the organisation, but also manages and controls cost at the same time.

The Flex as you Grow approach offered by BOM is a strategic alignment to the TCG price promise to our customers which is a powerful alignment of brand values. We appreciate success through people and technology and working day to day with the team at BOM with strategic conversations.

Tom Webber, IT Manager of Trade Centre UK The Trade Centre Group
Tom Webber, IT Manager of Trade Centre UK

Williams Autos have been using BOM for over 20 years, we wouldn’t look any further for the future.

As a family run business we pride ourselves on family values and support from third party companies we are involved with, similar to BOM.

Very Happy with the BOM partnership.

 Williams Autos

BOM know our systems and business inside out, for us it’s all about peace of mind.

Because of BOM we don’t need to worry about IT, we are looked after and supported. The technology and IT support just works!

We’ve been with BOM for 10 years and I still know the same people on support which has been great for continuity and a testament since we partnered and linked up our companies.

Minimal explanation is needed when issues come up with the associated software, BOM speak and work with 3rd party vendors on our behalf.


Confidence and reliability are the two key things BOM deliver for Soilfix.

Confidence is delivered with the technology systems they provide and 18 months into the relationship the service has been reliable. We find the team easy to work with, which is a great bonus.


We really are focussed on you

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