Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)


Advanced detection and remediation capabilities. Detect detect malicious attacks

As threat actors are become more sophisticated in the techniques to attain a foothold in an environment, such as lateral movement, island hopping or destructive attacks, most of which are inexpensive to purchase the technology on the dark web, it is essential to have advanced detection and remediation capabilities.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) can detect small fluctuations which hide malicious attacks using machine learning or behaviour analytics to automate threat hunting throughout disparate networks.


Forensic analysis capabilities. Detect, verify and notify on IT and security hygiene issues

With the use of machine learning and behaviour analytics the platform can learn what is normal or abnormal in any given environment to understand, notify or auto remediate against ransomware, malware and any other known or unknown adversary threats.

This provides the analyst capabilities to forensically investigate events with the ability to lookback up to 90-days to understand any exploit in great depth. In addition to this, the platform, through its knowledge of the network, can detect, verify and notify on IT and security hygiene issues, cutting down the time looking for and rectifying these issues.

Data Enrichment

Customer traffic is enriched with threat intelligence data to stay current with the threat actors’ techniques, whilst mapping to the Mitre ATT&K Framework to gain a deep understanding of the most complex detections.

This in turn demonstrates the vulnerabilities threat actors used to gain access.

Reduce costs & raise flexibility

Being cloud native customers can reduce cost and complexity by disposing of signature updates to on premise infrastructure, while providing flexibility, reliability and scalability across multi cloud environments.
Visibility Triad Diagram (SVG)

Identify vulnerable outcomes quickly by using rest API’s the EDR platform can orchestrate with other correlation tools, which in turn give the quickest and best possible outcome to a vulnerability or an identified threat.

As Gartner coined the term “SOC Visibility Triad”, InfoSec can continue to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of its data, while giving Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) the ability to detect, identify and remediate threats in real-time.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities:


Provides enterprise level threat hunting


Mitre ATT&K Framework Mapping of the attack life cycle


Provides real-time Ransomware protection


Hybrid and multi-cloud ready


Simplified workflow


Automation of IT and security hygiene issues


Anti-Virus protection inbuilt


Auto remediation


Orchestration between other correlation tools


Automates forensic Investigations with up to 90-day lookback


Threat Intelligence feed to the platform


Detect and block breaches in real-time


Secure workload


Machine learning/behaviour analytics to identify evasive tactics


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