Today sees the launch of the DVLA 2020 number plates for new vehicles registered after March 2020. Perhaps this has prompted you to start looking for a new car. There are plenty of different types of cars to choose from these days: fully electric cars; hybrids; petrol or diesel.

Did you know that your new car must be compliant with new environmental legislation that came into effect in 2020? The ‘fleet CO2 emissions reduction target‘ has been phased in at the start of this year. The fleet-wide average emission target for new cars will be 95 g CO2/km, which will have significantly less negative impact on the environment.

Beware! Not all car manufacturers – even some of the bigger household names – have yet managed to become compliant with this new target. So, make sure that the vehicle you’re hoping to buy comes with low-emission, so you will not be stuck with it in 2021, when this compliance target will be fully enforced.

Being and staying compliant is advisable in many areas of life. When it comes to business, there are constant new regulations concerning data and technology that need to be adhered to. And it’s the IT department that other business units turn to in order to mitigate security and compliance issues.

For many IT operations, the idea of being on top of everything all of the time might sounds like a mission impossible. Don’t fret, you don’t have to do this alone.

At BOM we offer several services that will help you and your company remain compliant. We offer:

  1. Mobile & Secure Device Management
    BOM track and manage your security devices to ensure adherence to software licensing and IT governance.
  2. Patch Management
    BOM can scan your operating systems and applications for vulnerabilities and carry out patch management so your systems will remain secure. See our recent post on patch management: Find out more about patch management.
  3. 24/7 Monitoring & Reporting
    We facilitate IT governance compliance through 24/7 monitoring and reporting of security issues, as defined by industry-specific legislation.
  4. Remote Application Detection
    BOM can ensure application compliance by remotely detecting non-approved applications.

So, rest assured, with BOM at hand, staying IT compliant doesn’t need to be the headache it might appear to be. With BOM supporting your business, helping your IT compliance, you can carry on making your other IT missions possible!

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