For businesses today, IT is vast, with many different systems running parallel to one another. Whether it’s cybersecurity, e-commerce, digital device management, or data services – most companies are using an array of different products and services to make up their IT infrastructure.  

These setups can make it difficult for internal IT teams, as they’re responsible for managing various third parties, each providing a multitude of services with an array of different terms and conditions, upgrade options and payment conditions. It’s for these reasons, and more, that organisations of all shapes and sizes turn to managed service providers, who can act as a comprehensive, external IT team, incorporating all these services under one roof, while also offering guidance on the best solutions for different sectors and businesses. 

Here are five benefits of outsourcing your IT 

Cost savings – As with any specialised area, hiring a third-party team of experts can often be more effective and efficient than attempting to hire and train an internal team. It can help to save on the costs of in-house devices and infrastructure, wages, maintenance, security, insurance, training, and office space. With an IT service provider, these factors are not yours to manage, leaving you with more time, resources and headspace to focus on running your company. 

Another factor to consider is experience. When working with a Managed Service Provider, you’re taking on a team of professionals with potentially decades of collective experience. However, if you attempt to assemble a team like this internally, the cost would be extremely high. Often, the cost of hiring two to three IT professionals will eclipse the cost of hiring an MSP, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to gain access to high-level IT support. On top of this, MSPs often have access to industry-leading products and systems, which can be expensive to acquire for companies looking to handle their IT internally.   

Single point of contact – Managed Service Providers (MSPs) often act as the sole point of contact when it comes to your IT. This helps to avoid confusion or crossover between overlapping companies or third parties and makes it easier to handle issues or implement changes to your IT infrastructure.  

Staying up to date – Keeping up with the latest technology and software will also be handled by an external set of experts, including crucial security patches and updates, or changes to national legislation which could impact your company from an IT perspective. Although these things may seem easy to keep on top of, when added together it can result in a significantly larger workload, and with IT being only one area of the business, owners and leaders could find their working days dominated with software updates and security patches.  

Flexibility – One of the advantages to outsourcing your IT is flexibility. At BOM IT Solutions we offer a ‘Flex As You Grow’ solution, which makes it much easier to scale the level of support up or down based on the needs of your business. Following the pandemic, the world of business has been tumultuous, and having this flexibility gives companies the peace of mind to invest in their IT, knowing that they can make changes to their support as necessary.  

Security and support – Working with an MSP also gives you another layer of support in the event of a cyber-attack or breach. For example, here at BOM IT we’ve invested heavily into expanding our cybersecurity arm in recent years, allowing our clients to have their IT and cybersecurity support all under one roof. We employ a team of cyber specialists who have extensive experience in both preventing and resolving cyber-attacks.  

Having an MSP that handles your cybersecurity and IT can help to reduce downtime, as the MSP can fulfil your cyber incident response plan from start to finish. When working with multiple parties across IT and cybersecurity, it’s easy to see how delays can happen, as teams at different companies attempt to align. 

Outsourcing your IT has many benefits, both financially and by improving efficiency, but ultimately the right solution depends on your business and its needs. That’s why we work alongside all of our customers to help them find the right way of working, providing the solutions and IT support they need. 

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